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Susan B., Indigo Run

"I was pleased when Melanie told me early on that I had been well-trained but she has taken my workouts up a notch. She pays attention to the smallest details and always notices what condition I am in.  She is quick to respond and alter her training plan to address the details. Since we have been working together, I have watched my strength, endurance and balance improve.  Melanie is invariably positive, mature and professional and our sessions end much too soon!"

Michael B., Manchester

"About 9 years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Mel was referred to me as a personal trainer. Since that time, She has taken numerous courses to ensure she was providing me with the appropriate exercises for my progressive condition. beyond that, she was genuinely and consistently dedicated to the comfort and well being of all her varied clients' needs.Without hesitation, I recommend Melanie Ludwig to you. She is gem."

Chris C, Sea Pines

"Melanie's experience and education make her the most refined personal trainer that I have ever worked with."

Jack L., Hilton Head Island

"Melanie has made a major impact on my health and wellness. She is extremely professional and compassionate about her work.  I look forward to each session with her. I started out with shoulder, back, and flexibility issues and have progressed significantly. She is very flexible regarding scheduling and adapts exercise and workouts to your needs and health conditions.  Her facilities are always clean and utilizes her experience and education to provide a top notch and current training experience for her clients.  She genuinely cares for her clients and provides first class training. "

Donna H., Bow

"I think I would be extremely hard pressed to find anyone that comes close to meeting Melanie's credentials. I tend to get bored with the same routines, so Mel does something new with me every time she comes. She has a very specific program written out in advance that she follows. if for some reason I am not feeling well or have something physically wrong with me, she will adjust my program in the blink of an eye."



Sandy R., Hilton Head Island

" I have worked with Melanie for over  2 years and find her very motivating. As you are going through the variety of exercises she is also teaching you the how and why of what you are doing. I find this not only interesting but very informative. No two days of exercises are identical. The exercises themselves may be repetitive but they are always in a different order. Thus you are working different muscle groups as well as not getting bored. Melanie pushes me but not beyond what I can handle. I find her easy to work with and flexible on scheduling sessions. I have never continued on an exercise program until I met Melanie. My intention is to continue fro a very long time. She's the best!"

Douglas M., Manchester

"Melanie came highly recommended (by my physical therapist) as a sophisticated trainer more suited to my orthopedic challenges. That recommendation could not have been more accurate. Melanie's dedication to her clients and deep commitment to continue professional development was immediately evident. My balance has now returned as well as the ability to enjoy most of my outdoor activities. All of this has been accomplished in what i see as a very sophisticated, pain free professional manner. Mindless use of free weights or machine work would not have worked with me. Mere sweat was not the answer. Her skilled expertise was. 

Further references are available upon request

"People don't die of old age; they die of inactivity. It's better to wear out than rust out."- Jack Lalanne

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